Miraculous Episodes in India are not airing in Proper Order

So, it's already been a week since the new season i.e. the 2nd season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir started to air on Indian Television i.e. on Disney Channel India, and fans were really loving it, and most of them are checking the episodes out on television whenever it airs.

But there are some fans who are disappointed with the airing strategy of Disney India, although many were having problem with the airing time i.e. 10am cause during that time, most of the fans, who are students are having online classes, but there's another issue going in, some of the fans were having a doubt that Disney Channel India is not airing the episodes of 2nd season of Miraculous in a proper order!

Shocking right? Many fans had earlier planned on their mind what episode will come and expected for that to come, but later on they found, something else is coming! It can be understandable how something like this can make anyone pissed, but dear fans, Disney India is not wrong! They are really following the "actual" numbering! So, before talking what "actual" refers to in this context, we need to know about a term, "Production Number" also known as many other terms like "Production Code Number", Production Code and the list goes on. So, every episodes of a series when created, the original makers assign a code to each one of them, in order to uniquely identify them. By these codes, the actual order of the episodes can be identified as well.

Most of the series, do follows the production code ordering, but due to some circumstances, some broadcasters or OTT platforms mixes the ordering which does not match with the original order which was intended. So, production numbers can easily helps to know in what order the makers actually planned to release the episodes.

Now, in the case of Miraculous, the following image shows the list of episodes of season 02-

List of Miraculous season 02 episodes (Wikia)

The highlighted parts indicates the actual episode number as per broadcaster (in this case, Netflix) and the production number, and if you compare them both, you will notice they are not same, they are different, just for example, the first episode according to episode number is Santa Claus, but according to production number, that is 226, (do remember the format in this case, the first digit signifies the season number, and the rest of them signifies the episode) which is considered to be the last episode of the season.

Disney Channel India is following the production number of episodes, as this is the order the episodes are planned by the makers, starting from 201 to 226, the episodes will be aired in that particular order.

Do watch Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug on Disney Channel India in Hindi from Monday to Thursday at 10am

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