Ice Age 4 Premiere on Disney Channel India

Updated: Jan 21


he Chilliness is still continuing, as we have stepped our foot on the third week of January 2021. During the first week, we saw the debut of the Ice Age Movie Franchise on Disney Channel India starting with the first movie of the franchise that released in 2002, then the following week, the second movie, "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown"

Now, on the third week, we really expected that Disney Channel India will bring the 3rd movie of the Ice Age Franchise i.e. Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on 23rd of January, 2021, but the expectation didn't turned into reality and thereby remained as expectation only, cause that movie is not telecasting on the said date, and we all know, doing something unexpected is Disney Network India's passion in most of the cases (recalling from the past experiences)

So, what's coming instead of that, does the Ice Age Franchise discontinued after the second movie or what? Don't worry readers, this is not the case, cause they are bringing the fourth movie of the franchise on the 3rd week i.e. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift on Disney Channel India

So, it can be said that Disney Channel India skipped the airing of Ice Age 3, although unclear of the fact, whether they would telecast it in the future or not! But for now, after the airing of movie 1 and 2, they directly jumped to 4, and movie 3 is skipped!

There is no specific reason announced by the network themselves, why this particular movie has been skipped. Moreover, the 3rd movie of Ice Age has been certified U-rating by the Central Board of Film Certification, so the channel have no restriction from that side. (Disney Channel India is a Kids Channel, and Indian Kids Channels are only allowed to air movies which are unrestricted (U-rated) as per Broadcasting Guidelines) The 4th movie of Ice Age Franchise is telecasting on 23rd of January, 2021, here's the promotional video of the same:-

As per the promo video. the narrator have said, "What a Small Nut can do? Cracking the mountain! Drifting the Continent Apart! Separating the Families!"Also, he mentioned that the movie is premiering on Disney Channel India on 23rd of January at 12pm!

Let's all enjoy the chilliness of the weather and the movie altogether!

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