Enjoy Chilliness on Disney Channel India during the first weekend of 2021

As we put our foot on to the year 2021, many TV Networks have planned new strategies like bringing new shows, new episodes, new movies and bringing a brand new channel. With regard to this, the Disney Network has also decided to do something as well which is not usual to their regular programming lineup.

So, on 1st of January, 2021, Disney Channel India aired a promotional video of a movie, which they will premiere on the first weekend of January, 2021. This particular movie is basically, an old and highly populated animation from Twentieth Century Fox, which many people belonging to the 90s generation have watched, either in DVDs or on Television itself once in a while.

The first movie of the Ice Age which released on 2002, will be premiering on Disney Channel India on Saturday i.e. 9th of January, 2021 at 12pm IST in regional language(s).

Here's the Promotional video of the same:

According to the PROMO, the narrator have mentioned, "Start the year 2021, with a Brand New Movie! Let's Go on an Adventure full of Madness in the Chilling Road-trip!" The movie has already too many times on many different TV Channels in India in different languages and also in High Definition as well, and now it is coming on Disney India as well. Also, according to the promo, it looks like it would be a premiere on Disney Channel India!

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