Encountering the marriage of Nobita and Shizuka, our beloved characters are trending Worldwide

As the teaser trailer of the movie "Stand by Me Doraemon 2" released way back in the past, all the current fans and even the old viewers who watched the Japanese anime show Doraemon once in their life, were hyped for this particular movie, cause in this particular movie, many fans were eager to see something which they were waiting for a long long time.

We all know, in the anime "Doraemon," we have the laziest kid, "Nobi Nobita" who is really bad in studies, do not have any physical strength, and did we mentioned, yes he is the "LAZIEST" kid! Since, he has an uncertain future, his great grandson came back to his time from the 22nd century and gave him an advanced cat-robot, "Doraemon" who will help Nobita with gadgets so that his future does not turn out to be worse. Also, our dear Nobita has a crush on a girl, did we forgot to mention her! She is the only reason, people are hyped for the movie, "Stand by Me Doraemon 2" Her name is "Shizuka Minamoto" Nobita always tries his level best to impress her, literally in EVERY EPISODES of the show (using the gadgets of Doraemon, of course)

Now since, we got to know the background of the anime, Doraemon! Now let's about the "something" which everyone were hyped for! So, in the teaser, we witnessed our two beloved characters, Nobita and Shizuka are gonna get married, but it was uncertain, whether the wedding was really going to happen or not!?

But no, they really got MARRIED! Therefore, everyone all over the world were congratulating both the characters for their wedding using the hastags #Nobita and #Shizuka on Twitter. Presenting some of the funny tweets from India:-

Well, it's really saddening and we really hoped that, he should have been there in this pic, cause without him, Nobita and Shizuka would never got married!

Sorry Deki Sugi, hope you get someone else, cause you cannot take Shizuka away from Nobita, even if you are "intelligent," "handsome," etc. Let's keep on congratulating them using the hashtags!! Stand by Me Doraemon 2 did released in Japan on 20th November, 2020

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