Disney Descendants Trilogy Premiere on Disney Channel India

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Remember the time, when Disney Channel India was considered as Disney Channel only, not as a "Doraemon Channel!" Yes, the golden era of 2004-10, when Disney Channel India aired a lot of Disney contents including Disney Channel Original Shows and Movies, both local and international and many other stuffs. Now currently, the particular channel only airs a few Disney content which does not stay with the channel for a long time, and 70% of the day, we get to watch the Japanese Anime Show, Doraemon which percentage of airing remained fixed same like that until now.

With the coming of Doraemon, not only Disney content got reduced on the channel, but the Disney Channel Original shows and Movies also completely went off air! Since then, the viewers not only missed the newest Disney Channel Original Shows or Movies on the channel but also the shows and movies which were aired in the past on the channel and dubbed in the local language are no longer airs as well!

It sounds like tragedy isn't it! But no worries, the channel is trying to maintain the decorum of the channel by airing Disney Channel Original Movies after a long time, and not one, not two but three movies, all on the same day itself.

Recently the international Disney Channel, has released the 3rd movie of Descendants, and therefore it looks like Disney Channel India has grabbed that situation and therefore decided to air the three movies of Disney Descendants altogether as a back-to-back premiere.

Watch the Hindi PROMO of the same:

As you can saw from the promotional video, the narrator said, "We have seen a lot of Fairy Tales, but did we ever heard about Villain Tales? Disney Channel brings the Biggest, the Wickedest Premieres!" and he also stated that the three movies of Disney Descendants are premiering back-to-back on 22nd December from 5pm onwards on Disney Channel India in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

After the launch of Disney International HD in India, all the Disney Channel Original Shows and Movies did started airing there itself, but the channel is a General English Entertainment Channel and therefore besides English, the channel does not contain any extra audio feed for local language. Therefore, with the airing of Descendants on Disney Channel India, viewers would be able to watch the movie in their own preferred language.

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