Christmas Specials by Disney India in the year 2020

As the year 2020 begun, we have assumed that a lot of stuff will come on Indian Television, and out of them some came, but also some stuffs has been missed out but also we got something special as well, you can say that they were really out of the box because those stuffs were really unexpected.

As the year 2020 is coming to an end, Disney Network India is planning to make everyone happy for the final time this year, yes, the three different main channels of Kids Genre from Disney India i.e. Hungama TV, Disney Channel India and Marvel HQ is bringing three different shows on each of their channels and they are releasing each of the shows at the beginning of each week in the month of December 2020.

Each show is catering to different type of the viewers, like, the people who are into slice of life genre, Miraculous new season is coming for them, or the people who loves sports, and loves watching shows based on them, Supa Strikers and New season of Beyblade Burst are coming for them.

Check out the Hindi PROMO of Miraculous Season 02:

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So, the readers have already got to know, the three new shows are Miraculous Season 02 on Disney Channel India, Supa Strikers on Hungama TV and Beyblade Burst Turbo on Marvel HQ, three new shows on three different channels of Disney India.

Check out the Hindi PROMO of Supa Strikers:

So, each of the shows are launching at the start of every week, like Beyblade Burst Turbo has already been launched on 7th of December, likewise Miraculous Season 02 will air from 14th of November and Supa Strikers from 21st of November, a new show starting at the beginning of every new week.

Check out the Hindi PROMO of Beyblade Burst Turbo:

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Many fans were waiting all over the year for new episodes of Miraculous and Beyblade, and also wanted a new show as well from the international, but many mainstream fans were really disappointed as the channel was only bringing a few contents which were new and most of them were local animation. With the coming of all new shows on different channels of the network, many fans are planning to get hooked up on TV during the December Holidays.

As we are moving to 2021, this is the nicest gift provided by Disney India in the end of 2020! Don't you all think that!

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