Chilliness continues on Disney Channel India with the premiere of Ice Age 2

Updated: Jan 15

As we are moved on with the first week of 2021 with the premiere of a non-usual movie on Disney Channel India i.e. Ice Age, many viewers did thoughts, "well this is the end", "we my not gonna see any other movie", "the channel will again air a lot of Doraemon all over again (cause we know. although being Disney Channel India, the channel airs most of the time, non-Disney content on their channel)"

But dear viewers, you are wrong, cause the weekend of new premieres is not gonna end with the first week itself, the channel is bringing another movie in the upcoming week and that's also the second movie of the same franchise of which first movie, aired on the first weekend of 2021

Yes, you got it right, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, the second movie of Ice Age Franchise which originally released on 2006, is going to premiere on Disney Channel India soon enough. Consecutively for the first two weekends of 2021, we have got two movies from Twentieth Century Fox.

Here's the promotional video of the same which aired on Disney Channel India for the movie:

As you can see from the given Promotional video, the narrator have said, "On Disney Channel, when Ice Age ends, a new blockbuster adventure will begin!" and from the promo, we also got to know that the said movie is coming on 16th of January at 12pm on Disney Channel India! Isn't it great, the weekends of chilliness is still going on, on Disney Channel India and we think, the channel might air the Ice Age 3, the following week as well, well we can hope for that, let's cross our fingers and let's hope for that!

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