Cartoon Network India brings Nostalgia with Ben 10 Old Seasons

As we have came to 2021, it has been mentioned by Cartoon Network India through their social handles that the old toons which used to air on Cartoon Network/Pogo during the old days, will be coming back soon enough! Although it was not mentioned directly, what exactly does the term "old shows" meant, but fans did became crazy and hyped regarding this cause audience were feeling that they were going to relieve the nostalgia of Cartoon Network India again in this New Year! Following the schedule lineup of other channels in India, Cartoon Network India as days passed, also started airing more local Indian Animated contents and reduced the number of Cartoon Network Originals on the channel, in order to maintain its position on the Television Ratings with its competitors.

Due to which many niche audiences who loves specific shows on Cartoon Network India like Ben 10 (Originals), some Japanese anime etc. were really disappointed with this change of schedule lineup and really hoped the channel to bring back the old lineup of shows rather than the current one.

Recently, Cartoon Network India has made this particular comment on their social handle:-

On their Facebook page, they have mentioned that they may bring something for all the viewers who are missing the old CN toons! After Cartoon Network India made this comment, many fans got hyped again and excited about it, and after a 4 long weeks, we have saw a promotional video on Cartoon Network India which looks like the first attempt to bring back the old CN toons!

The promotional video is all about Ben 10 old seasons which didn't came for a long long time on Cartoon Network India, for the last few years, the channel was airing Ben 10 Reboot series on their channel from time to time. Although the first original series did came during 10pm on Cartoon Network HD+ but Alien Force and Ultimate Alien series of Ben 10 didn't came on any of the channels for a long time! Here's the promotional video of the same which aired on Cartoon Network India:-

According to the promo video, a new segment is coming on Cartoon Network India starting from 24th January, 2020 from 12.15pm onwards, which is "Ben 10 Blockbuster Specials!" Here, the narrator of the promo has said, "Block your dates, and be ready for the Big Adventure! Also be ready For the Big Villains, Big Actions and Big Comedy! Because Cartoon Network India is bringing Ben 10 Blockbuster Specials! Grab your popcorns and enjoy the Blockbusters of Ben 10!"

Also as we are seeing the promo, we saw the visuals of Ben 10 Original Series, Alien Force Series, Ultimate Alien Series and Reboot series, which makes a confirmation, that they are airing back on the channel after a long time! Let's hope its the start of something they promised, and we all hope for more awesome things to come on Cartoon Network India!

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